Specialized Tour

In addition to our normal tour, The Royal Cavalry Armoury of Seville has launched a SPECIALIZED TOUR.  Exclusively designed for reduced groups, visitors are able to take in the bull ring’s immense beauty from the centre of the ring itself, as well as being able to study the collections in greater depth, the most noteworthy of these being the Bullfighting Season Poster Exhibition, an exhibition which features the work of different contemporary artists such as Botero, Larry Rivers, Carmen Laffon and Miquel Barcelo, to name but a few.

The itinerary for this one-of-a-kind tour encompasses the following:  the Exhibition Room, the Bullfighters’ Teams’ Patio, the Bullfighters’ Chapel, the centre of the bull ring, the Prince’s Gate and the Poster Room, the total duration being one of 75-80 minutes.

To enquire about this special tour, contact visitaturistica@realmaestranza.com or call: (+34) 954 210 315.