The Tour

Share in a one-off experience by visiting one of Seville’s and the bull-fighting world’s most emblematic sites: The Royal Cavalry Armoury of Seville Bull Ring.

As you walk around the city we propose an absolutely unmissable visit.  Besides admiring the landmark’s infinite beauty, you will be able to perceive all the emotions and sensations which come from finding oneself in an incomparable setting, a setting in which some of the bull-fighting world’s most important happenings have taken place.

Following the itinerary, you’ll come to the dependences of the Bullring where you’ll be able to do the tour of the bullfighters the day of the bullfight. You’ll see the Court of Horses and will visit the Chapel of the Bullfighters, to finish contemplating the Bullring from his better perspective, from the middle of the Arena. From there you’ll be able to contemplate his magnitude, the dimensions of the arena, the seats and the colossal box of the Prince, under which you’ll can cross the Door of the Prince.

This magnificent explosion of sensations will be completed by visiting one of the bull-fighting world’s most important collections of taurine art, and a distinguished art gallery inspired by the world its works represent.  In addition, your walk through the Exhibition Room will allow you to become familiar with the history of the Art of Bullfighting, and how it has changed over the centuries.