Exhibition Room

The Corporation’s enduring interest in maintaining cultural heritage has allowed the Armourers Institute to boast one of the most globally important taurine collections.

The Exhibition room is housed below the Bull Ring’s stands, at the level of rows 10 and 12, and was inaugurated in 1989. The visitor can take a walk through the history of bullfighting by means of a pictorial collection, bullfighting posters, bullfighter suits, bronze works, tiles and statues, admiring the work of Mariano Benlliure and the pictures of legendary bullfighters such as Curro CúcharesPepe-Hillo or El Espartero.

Two different sections can be observed upon visiting the Exhibition room:

  • The first of these contains an exhibition of paintings and a selection of the taurine engraving plates which belong to the Royal Cavalry Armoury collection, which is in turn one of the most important collections in the world. The Picture and Painting Room brings together a fantastic collection of oil paintings from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, making it a tremendously important gallery of taurine art, especially related to the Romance period. In this first section, one can also admire a selection of taurine pictures, including 12 engravings from Francisco de Goya’s Tauromaquia, belonging to the third edition of this legendary series dating to back to 1876 Paris.
  • The second section transports us to the origins of the Royal Cavalry Armoury, with a space dedicated to the exhibition of the games played by the 18th and 19th century Nobility. A particular eye-catching work of art in this second section is a silk poster from 1740.

A series of taurine themed paintings from the 19th century follows, and a part of the exhibition is dedicated to the bull in the era of Belmonte and Joselito el Gallo, with bronze works by Mariano Benlliure and other artists, as well as different bullfighting posters.

The visit draws to a close with more modern works, featuring a vivid taurine repertoire, bullfighter suits, capes, posters, bull heads and paintings by other contemporary artists.

With this exhibition room, the Royal Cavalry Armoury puts the finishing touch to its work of promoting the place of bullfighting in culture.