The Bull Ring

The Royal Cavalry Armoury of Seville Bull Ring is the headquarters of all the bullfights which are held in the city of Seville, the ones run during the famous Seville Fair being especially important for true bullfighting fans.

It is considered the most important, and the bull ring with the longest held taurine tradition in the whole of Spain. Commonly nicknamed the “Bullfighting Cathedral”, the Bull Ring is currently one of the most popular and most visited tourist attractions in the city.

The present appearance of this architectural gem is the result of having been remodelled many times during a period of 120 years, from the year of its initial construction in 1761 right up until its completion in 1881.

Originally constructed in wood in 1733, on the Baratillo hill (for which reason it is also popularly referred to as the Baratillo arena), it is one of the oldest and most beautiful bull rings in Spain, the first to be built in a circular shape, and can house approximately 12,000 spectators.

This fine example of Late-baroque architecture boasts the stamp of Heritage of Cultural Interest, and belongs to the The Royal Cavalry Armoury of Seville, from where it gets its name.  This privately- run corporation is responsible for the maintenance and perfect conservation of the Bull Ring and its Museum, as well as holding many fundraising events and activities to promote equestrianism and bullfighting.

It is absolutely undeniable that the history of Seville’s Bull Ring is the very same as the history of bullfighting itself: through its doors have passed the bullfighting world’s greatest figures, the figures who have helped to write bullfighting’s golden story.

However, not only figures from the bullfighting world have made the Bull Ring what it is today, numerous national and international personalities have given shape and colour to this historic arena, turning it into the perfect ambassador for Seville, the pride of the Sevillians and of the whole bullfighting world.

In the space surrounding it, we can find different statues dedicated to the Sevillian bullfighters who have triumphed in the ring, the most notable of which being the sculpture by Sebastian Santos Calero, dedicated to Curro Romero, and the work of Luis Álvarez Duarte, in name of Manolo Vázquez.